Wellness Creations

Partnering with the founder of the keyword research tool, SearchTriggers, and search engine, EarthGrid, we are thrilled to offer Website Design, Development, SEO Services, Business and Wellness Coaching for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and health and wellness professionals.

We believe that in order to build a successful website and business, it is important to feel healthy within your body, focused within your mind, and inspired by your greater purpose, creating more wellness in your body, mind and soul.

Since health and wellness influence all aspects of your life, personally, professionally, energetically and spiritually, we love sharing our favorite wellness practices such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, essential oils, massage, retreats and lifestyle coaching.


Founder of Body Flows Yoga Retreats, Sally Mitchell, combines her 20 years experience working in technology, together with her success using SearchTriggers to rank her yoga retreats business on page 1 of Google, to help her clients achieve the same success with their businesses.

Sally's passion for helping others to more easily share their knowledge, skills, products and gifts online is demonstrated through her commitment to her work, her understanding of her clients' unique needs, and her creative and mindful approach to Website Design, Development, SEO, Digital Marketing, Business Coaching and overall Wellness Creation in body, mind and soul!