Wellness Creations was born from a passion of helping others to create and expand their businesses with a sense of mindfulness, creativity and purpose.

Partnering with the founder of the keyword research tool, SearchTriggers, and search engine, EarthGrid, we offer Website Design and Development, SEO and Digital Marketing, and Business and Wellness Coaching for entrepreneurs and businesses. We particularly enjoy working with health and wellness related businesses and coaches, although we work with clients across multiple industries.

We believe that in order to build a successful website and business, it is important to feel healthy within your body, focused within your mind, and inspired by your greater purpose, creating more wellness in your body, mind, soul and business, hence our name Wellness Creations.


Sally Mitchell, founder of Wellness Creations, combines her 20 years experience working in technology in the corporate and tech startup world in London, NYC and Silicon Valley with her creative and intuitive mind from her yoga and meditation practices, and her hands-on experience of starting and building her own successful business, Body Flows Yoga Retreats, to help others reach their business and personal goals through web design and development, digital marketing, SEO and business coaching.

Based in Sonoma, California, Sally and the Wellness Creations team are available for in person or remote video meetings.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire creativity and wellness within you and your business, help you to more easily share your gifts with the world, so you can inspire and transform others in some way.

Creative, responsive and optimized websites

Mindful and modern marketing and SEO

Holistic business and wellness coaching

Work With Us

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." - Pablo Picasso