Wellness Creations was born from a passion of helping others to create and expand their businesses with a sense of mindfulness, creativity and gratitude, whilst tapping into and aligning with their purpose.


Sally Mitchell, founder of Wellness Creations, blends her 20 years experience working in software development, with her creative and intuitive mind from her yoga and meditation practices, and her hands-on experience of starting and building her Body Flows Yoga Retreats business, integrating digital marketing, SEO and an entrepreneurship mindset, to help others reach their business and personal goals.

With a sense of mindfulness and presence, we invite you to tap into your creativity with us, as we together design a beautiful custom website, selecting images, content and words that align with your vision and your message you wish to share with the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire creativity and wellness within you and your business, helping you to share your beautiful gift with the world, and helping others to feel inspired and transformed in some way.